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Sell Timber

Ready to Make Some Money From Your Uncut Wood?

Mature trees are valuable in the lumber industry, and your local logging company Rockefeller Forestry can help you unlock your land’s value sustainably and with potential for future harvests down the road.

Selling timber is a complicated process that requires knowledge of the timber industry, lumber industry, and the local market. With 20 years of experience assessing, buying, harvesting, and lumbering timber, Rockefeller Forestry has the industry experience to get you fair pricing with quality service and land you can be proud of.

Sell Your Timber to a Local Sawmill with Rockefeller Forestry

Turn your woodland into cash with selective logging that will preserve and enhance the natural “growth” capabilities of your woods in the long-run. 

We follow Pennsylvania SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program’s industry leading sustainability and woodland management practices to ensure that your ground not only looks great after it’s been logged, but that it can continue to grow mature trees for years to come.

We also partner primarily with local sawmills and lumber groups to get your timber sold at fair market prices and to craftspeople who will put it to good use.

Here’s How Selling Your Timber Works:


Call to schedule a free estimate and consultation

Lead forester Mike Stoltzfus will come evaluate your land and help you understand what selling your timber will look like on your unique property. Proper timber harvest begins with assessing the timber and deciding what type it is, what its current value is, and whether it can be harvested for sale.


We Make
AN Offer

We’ll make an offer for your wood, which includes harvesting and transporting your timber, and re-seeding/cleanup of trails and loading areas to leave your property ready for new growth.



With an accepted proposal, we pay up-front and are usually on-site within a few months - depending on weather conditions - to begin your logging project.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Selling Timber

Timber prices vary dramatically by species, maturity, board length, and more. We often pay from $1500 to as much as $4000 per acre for mature wood.

We can usually get to your project within a few months, but depending on the season and project size, it can take up to a year for full completion. Your property will be unique, and we’ll give you timing at the time of our first meeting.

We primarily do selective cutting, meaning we harvest only mature, valuable wood. That often involves cutting off large trees at about 6 inches above the ground. We then clean and reseed our logging trails, and ultimately prime your land for fresh growth and fast maturation.

By removing the forest canopy, more light reaches the ground, spurring growth among smaller trees and saplings that will replace your recent timber within a decade or two.

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