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Logging Company

Wondering if Your Trees Could be Harvested and Sold?

Looking to remove timber and log your property with industry leading sustainability in mind?

At Rockefeller Logging, we delight in providing the highest quality timbering services in Central Pennsylvania. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a safe and efficient cutting and harvesting service for property owners like you, with industry-leading sustainability and wildlife management techniques, and fair pricing for your wood.

Our services include, but are not limited to selective cutting, timber removal, small- and medium-scale logging, site preparation, woodland management, and more. 

Professional Timbering in Central Pennsylvania

With nearly two decades of timber and logging experience throughout the Williamsport-Selinsgrove area, Rockefeller Forestry is your solution for efficient, sustainable, and convenient timber removal. We work with our partner saw-mills to help you make money from your mature trees while leaving your property in great shape and ready for fresh, sustainable re-growth.

We pay for your timber up front based on the timber we plan to remove, giving you peace of mind that the project will be complete and giving you the ability to invest elsewhere on your ground, even before the project gets underway.

Why Rockefeller Forestry is Your Logging Company of Choice

When it comes to logging your land, you want the best use for your ground, service you can count on, and timely completion. 

Chances are, you probably also want to get the most value for your cut timber.

We have extensive experience in the timbering industry.

Founder Mike Stoltzfus has been providing forestry, logging, and milling services since 2005, helping landowners selectively clear ground and turn rough timber into functional lumber. From tree to table, we have experience at every level of the industry, giving us unique insights and capabilities.

We take sustainable harvesting seriously and follow Industry-leading logging practices.

As ​​SFI Qualified Logging Professionals through the Pennsylvania SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program, we take forest growth and sustainable harvesting to heart.

We provide clear contracts and payment up front.

Some logging companies will provide payment in lumps throughout the duration of the contract or project, and even after completion. We provide up-front and transparent pricing based on board-feet, tree maturity, length, height, and species.

We leave your property in great condition.

Many customers want to know what their ground will look like after the project. We do primarily select cutting (rather than clear cutting) and limited trail creation, working hard to leave your ground in great condition and re-seeding of trails to enhance long-term growth.

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Get A Forestry Consultation for Logging Your Property

If you’re ready to learn more about logging and timbering your wooded land, we’d love to give you our experienced insights and help you figure out what to do with your wood. We provide free estimates and proposals to buy your uncut wood, enhance your property, and harvest your timber sustainably.

Call today to learn more and schedule your consultation.