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Logging and Timbering in Northumberland County

Central Pennsylvania’s Choice in Timber and Logging Services

From harvesting timber to clearing land for development, Rockefeller Forestry is Central Pennsylvania’s choice in timber and logging services.
With over 20 years cutting wood, logging land, managing woodlands, and saw-milling services in Central Pennsylvania, we’re your choice in quality woodland management and tree services.
Rockefeller Forestry provides:

  • Selective Logging
  • Timber Cutting
  • Limited Land Clearing
  • Timber Sales
  • Woodland Management
  • Tree Cutting and Forestry Services
  • Timber Brokerage and Lumber Sales

Professional Timbering, Logging, and Tree Services Near Selinsgrove

From Harrisburg to Williamsport and Lockhaven to Bloomsburg, we’ve been helping Central PA landowners unlock the value of their uncut timber for nearly two decades. 

We also follow Pennsylvania SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program’s rigorous commitment to safe and sustainable harvesting practices. 

You not only get paid for your natural resources, you also get a beautiful new space ready to flourish once again.


Schedule A Constultation

Schedule a free forestry consultation and estimate with Rockefeller Forestry. Our experienced team will be out to walk the land with you, assess the maturity and value of your wood, and help you understand how we would approach timbering your woods.


We MaKe An Offer

We make an offer for your wood, which includes cutting, removing, transporting, and re-seeding of trails/prepping your land for new growth. If our offer is accepted, we generally pay the entirety up front or before cutting begins, giving you peace of mind that the project will get done in a timely manner.


Your woods get cut and timbered!

We can usually schedule projects within a few months of offer acceptance, and we usually complete small to medium-sized projects within 2-4 weeks.

Experienced foresters and lumberjacks

A team committed to sustainable harvesting practices and leaving your land in great shape

Pricing as high as $4000 per acre depending on tree density, tree maturity, tree species, accessibility, and more.

Fair and transparent pricing for the sale of your wood

A beautiful, clean woodland that will thrive under its new conditions

A safe and efficient job site with minimal site disruption - we understand you may be farming / working / living nearby!

Here’s What We Love About Working In Central Pa

It’s simple: we love working with our Northumberland County neighbors, and we keep our work regional as much as we can. 

Our team has unrivaled experience across the lumber industry, with expertise managing saw mills, providing forestry consulting, lumber sales, and detailed timber removal in the area.

We’re big advocates for Central PA, too, believers in supporting local businesses and institutions. Whether you stuck around from one of our beautiful regional universities or were born right here in Northumberland County, we hope you love what this area has to offer:


Get a Quote For Your Timber Today

Turn your canopy into cash and manage your wooded ground for the next generation with Rockefeller Forestry – transparent pricing, payment up-front, and a logging process designed for minimal disturbance. 

Learn what your timber is worth by scheduling a free consultation today.